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How To Take the "No" Out of Fluoride Varnish

Presented by Sandi Roggow, BA, RDH

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Learn the language of varnish acceptance.

Knowing all about the science and technology of a fluoride varnish helps you connect the dots as a practitioner, but it rarely helps you explain the benefits to the patient in a way that helps them accept the recommendation you are making for their oral health. Together we will take the dental terminology and turn it into phrases that help patients connect the dots about the benefits a varnish can give them, especially in a day and age when people are more resistant than ever to “upselling,” or hearing things online that make them question fluoride and its benefits vs. risks.


  • Identify the four reasons patients say “no”
  • Describe empowerment vs. education and features vs. benefits
  • Apply risk-based strategies to determine care
  • Recognize ways to overcome communication challenges and work through patient resistance
  • Develop skills to handle objections and overcome obstacles 

AGD Code: 161

This is an on-demand event via computer, tablet or mobile device. You must have a viable internet connection in order to join. After you register, you will receive a link to access the on-demand course. 


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Sandi Roggow

Sandi Roggow, BA, RDH

Sandi has an extensive background in the dental industry, including 40+ years as a practicing dental hygiene clinician. She has also worked as a clinical instructor, lectured, authored numerous articles and contributed to a dental hygiene academic text book. Sandi has experience in research, SEO content marketing and sales, along with legislative lobbying efforts surrounding licensure and children’s healthcare.

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